Why End Result?

For over 30 years End Result has been representing manufacturers in the consumer electronics industry to audio video dealers in Ohio, West Virginia and Western Pennsylvania. Our philosophy is to represent products and people that we can stand behind and service after the sale. Our valued relationships in the industry have afforded End Result to cover the territory with solid #1 dealer types. Our performance has garnered us numerous industry awards since our inception in 1983.


A Company On the Move!

When I began the operation 30 years ago, I started with the belief that the difference between the bad, good and great reps boiled down to simple issues of follow up, communication and management. Those qualities and a lot of hard work built us the reputation, respect and success that we enjoy today

       What had started out as a one man show working out of my house has grown to a 30 year old rep firm that cut it’s reputation into the industry by doing things outside the box. We are computerized, networked and socially sharing. We are the only rep firm in the territory that holds a dealer event called The End Result Electronics Show, which has opened and secured for us many profitable relationships in our market. My involvement in CEDIA, MERA and IASCA over the years has increased my participating retailer’s revenues and had won me a seat on the board of directors for IASCA from 1995 to 1999. I sat on the Board of Directors for the Mobile Electronics Retailer Association (MERA) to help understand dealer needs better. All this equates to a rep firm that just doesn’t take orders, it works to make its’ dealers better, so in the long run, we all win!

     I’ve always felt that it is the people who make the difference. If the products are not “as good or better” than its competitors, then it simply does not make sense for this rep firm. That being said, if our products are up to snuff and we personally understand how  to work with you better, then we should get the business!

       Please take the time to review our Website. I am sure you will find that End Result, it’s people and its’ products, is an operation that can serve the needs of your company. If you are looking for growth and a well managed territory with a rep firm that thinks outside of the box.......End Result is your choice!

Thank you for your consideration.

Ed Dalesandro

End Result Principal


Ed Dalesandro, Principal End Result