The End Result Principal

    It has been a short 36 years since I took my initials E-N-D and my dealers and started End Result. Really, I feel like I have just started. I am constantly learning how to sharpen the pencil and get better at my job. As a business owner I strive for only excellence and will take no less than that from my associates. Each of the product lines we carry have some value added ingredient. We would like to think that one of those ingredients is us.

   I have worked on relationships. I intend to continue that process. I feel that the independent consumer electronics retail can once again thrive. The problem…They don’t know how. The majority of independent dealers we have do not possess the “total package”. This means that someone needs to lead them. I firmly believe that we are a rep firm with the potential to “drive” the market.

     I am of the opinion that an honest days work commands an honest days pay. My greatest realization is that I have to recreate myself constantly. I believe in family and I run End Result by the same standards I live by.


    • 2018 Memphis Rep of the Year
    • 2018 JVC Rep of the Year
    • 2016 Screen Innovations Rep of the Year
    • 2013 Paradigm and Anthem Rep of the Year
    • 1995 Industry Contributor of the Year-Installation News
    • IASCA Board of Directors-1994 to 1999
    • MERA Advisory Board Committee- 2000-2005
    • CEDIA Show involvement since it’s inception

Ed Dalesandro