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 Anthem- The electronics arm of Paradigm. State of the art amplifiers, pre amps and receivers.


Paradigm- Absolutely the best speaker manufacturer on planet earth for the dollar. Full line speaker company that protects the independent dealer and offers the consumer the best value product in this category.




Wolf Cinema- Full line of video projectors offering extraordinary picture quality while offering the audio video dealer a protected line distribution product line.


A prime manufacturer of projectors that has been building some of the best projectors in the world for other people, until now. Vivitek is now producing world class projectors and marketing them under their own name!



Electric Mirror®- is the global leader in Lighted Mirrors and Mirror TV Technology™. We have been serving the hospitality andresidential industries for over fifteen years with product lines that include modern Lighted Mirrors, Mirror TVs, Waterproof TVs, Mirrored Cabinets, Corridor Lighting, and Makeup Mirrors. Electric Mirror’s presence in the luxury hotel industry is known throughout the design community as simply unsurpassed.

Columbus Ohio based company dedicated to eradicating noise in any residential or commercial application. Make your room acoustics perfect before turn a screw!




12 Volt Product Lines

JVC is a leading developer and manufacturer of sophisticated mobile audio and video products that use superior technologies to deliver high quality sound and images.



Memphis Audio is an American company in Memphis Tennessee. The company has a rich history with over 100 years in business. Memphis has been serving the independent Mobile Electronics chains with quality products & ethical sales practices. The company generates High Profit percentages through innovative products to The Independent Car Audio dealer. Now branching into motorcycle, marine, and video.

Race Sport Inc.- Race Sport Product Group is a one stop supplier of vehicle, offroad, and specialty lighting. Our company supplies professional grade products to professional industries with quality and professionalism in mind.


Elettromedia, founded 1987 in Potenza Picena, Italy. Is today considered a global leader in the production of car audio amplifiers, signal processors, speakers and accessories for professional installation. In 1979 a group of technicians form various fields of electronics united by the pursuit of high fidelity audio reproduction gathered around a dream called AUDISON. The fusion of the Latin words “audio” and “sonus." After several years of study and experimentation in 1984 , the completion of the first amplifier (HP 110) – AUDISON was born.

Elettromedia-USA was created in June of 2006 to import the elettromedia Italy brands into the United States. We are proud to be the sole US distributor of Audison (electronics and loudspeakers), Hertz (loudspeakers and electronics) and Connection accessories.


Stinger Logo

Stinger has everything a true audiophile needs to upgrade a vehicle's sound system. For almost 30 years, Stinger has been offering the best car audio accessories to dealers around the world. We pride ourselves on premium interconnects, wiring kits, superior power support, sound damping material, high performance batteries and other components that take custom audio builds to the next level


PAC- Full ine manufacturer of any integration product for the car audio installer.




Engel Embroidery- Making the audio video dealer look and feel first class. This company offers screen printing, embroidery and logo’d products to market your business to the fullest.


Mobile Solutions- Offering the installer all the education and tools to make himself better than the next. Bryan Schmitt is world renowned in his knowledge base and reputation in the industry.


Wet Sounds™ is a marine audio manufacturer based out of Texas. Wet Sounds™ was founded by a group of audio industry veterans to deliver a new level of performance and style to the marine industry. Innovation is the key to our success. By pursuing new technologies, materials and a unique engineering style, we have developed award winning products.